Saturday, July 9, 2016

Friday Night CPE Agility

Friday night was a two-class CPE trial locally, and I could not resist entering.

Both girls ran in Fullhouse and put down really nice runs!   Perri finished her Level 4 Fun title and is now onto Level 5.  Whoah!   Molly was her usual awesome self in Fullhouse.

Standard was next and I was actually looking forwards to the weaves, to try out my new "relaxed fake running" technique.   Molly was first.   I'm really proud of her on the dog walk because she comes to the down ramp and she has to make choices.   The open door next to the dog walk was very tempting.   The tunnel right at the end of the ramp was also tempting.  She stops, looks outside, then chooses to do her stopped contact.   Good girl!   I was worried about wrong course tunnels in the upcoming pinwheel and we got through that nicely.   Sadly after the straight tunnel, Molly does not square out her approach to the teeter and (out of the frame of our video), loses her footing and falls off the side of the teeter.   She seemed very worried and sheepish about this and I think she was simply downright confused.    I reverse spin the next jump since many dogs were going wide but it was way too strong and Molly turned so tight into me she was on my line.   Will remember this in the future!  Then come the weaves and I'm really happy with my send and fake-run and look at her go!   We end the run early.   So, an NQ but one I am super happy about!  

Perri was next!   Before this video clip starts she had two moments of visiting: the judge and the scribe.   Just disengaged from the run and goes to sniff the people.   After that though, she locks in and works nicely with me.   I feel the problem will resolve in time with more trialing and confidence - it did so with Molly.   I am over the moon with our weaves in this video!   The first set is so-so but I hold myself to no-pressure running.   The second set of weaves is absolutely happy making for me!   She had speed in those weaves!   This was a qualifying round for Perri.   What a good girl!

I feel very empowered for the future of our trial weaves.   We will trial again in two weeks and will see how we look then.

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