Sunday, November 27, 2016

C-ATCH3 Molly!

When Molly and I got her first C-ATCH I was counting down the Standards.   I was chasing them, driving all over for them and praying and hoping she did not fault the dogwalk or Aframe or weaves in the process.   We drove a lot of miles, I spent a lot of money and we made a lot of memories and in April 2015 we did it.  

For her "2" the Aframe had become more reliable and we were reworking her stopped dog walk.   The weaves were still a mess but we got lucky enough.   I will never forget December of last year when she needed three more Standards and I was so stressed out at a trial that I was nauseous and shaking.   Molly had an anal gland infection and was behaving out of control.   I felt like we were back to square one.   I ended up discovering the infection, treating it...and going on a road trip to enjoy earning her C-ATCH2.

Throughout this year we have focused a lot on CPE.   A little bit of AKC, a little bit of USDAA.   We took a lot of time off of Standard because I thought of re-training Molly's stopped dog walk.   That was not working for us.   We went to CPE Nationals.   In June we started earning those ten Standards needed for her "3".   But I was not counting them or chasing them.   No hurry.  I made a goal for 2016 to stop stressing about Standard.    "It's just another course."  The weave poles were our final demon.   And over the last month...I feel my body language has transformed.   I feel like It's All There.   I am so excited.

Last weekend we got the two Standard Qs we needed.   I went into today needing one more, and I felt completely confident that we would do it.   No shaking, no nausea, no dizziness or fear.   We just went in and ran the course.   Awesome contacts, awesome weaves.   I feel like We Have Arrived.   I feel like I finally Get it.   Our first two championship titles did not go "according to plan".   But this one was by the book!

I am looking forwards to what 2017 has to bring for our team.

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  1. OMG!!!! LOOK AT THOSE WEAVES! and going into a corner, which often puts off some dogs. and they were FAST!!!! So sorry not to be there to see this in person and celebrate with you - CONGRATS!!!