Monday, January 2, 2017


Getting a hold on Molly has always been frustrating, and not something I've devoted much time to.   We do short sessions before either of us get too frustrated.  Our sessions largely focus on not so much the hold - but on keeping Molly out of that "tasmanian devil" mindframe.   And any actual work on the behavior is done in the rare few seconds when we find that sweet spot of getting her mind focused and not in a frenzy.

Today I was working on Ein's impulse control (ha!), a short session involving treat throws and waiting until released to grab the treat.   Keeping the dumbbell out of it for now.   Ein had some motivation loss when we worked on his early DB dropping issue from a few months ago and I would like to stay away from that sort of issue.   I love his enthusiasm!   I was definitely able to reproduce anticipating racing out after the treat, of course!, so we have some sessions ahead of us both at home and "on the road."

And since Molly always loves to be involved, I thought "why not!" to a short hold session.   She's doing good!   As always, at the trial yesterday I felt the desire to try Obedience with Molly.   She certainly has the motivation to have very nice heelwork (provided I put the work into helping her see it is a fun game!), she is a fun partner, and I would absolutely love taking a pitbull into a sport dominated by biddable retrievers and herding breeds.   It all comes down to my own need to focus on what my goals are with all three dogs.   I love so many things and want to do too many things.   I am a lot like my dog Molly when it comes to impulse control!  We will see what 2017 brings.   I would love to title Molly in Obedience and Nosework - versatility is fun!

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