Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Kong Jumbler (Molly's opinion)

These were taken in October but I am trying to get more organized with my photography (ha! organized!).  

This is a new-to-us toy, a Kong Jumbler, and Molly really loves it!   I am told by a doberman friend of ours that this toy is definitely able to be destroyed, but Molly is a very strong chewer and has given this toy some good gnawing for sure.   She hasn't been able to destroy it (yet.)

The toy is a rubbery shell with a tennis ball inside, and handles on either end.   We have actually been able to play some tug with this toy...though it's not our favorite (we don't like our hand near where she re-grips!)   Molly likes to throw it around and jump on it.   It makes a funny and tempting sound when it lands, with the tennis ball thudding against the rubber.   It also squeaks!   Molly destroys all plush toys that squeak, so it's nice to have a tougher version of a squeaky toy that she can't immediately tear into shreds.  It has been with us since October and that's a record for Molly and Anything That Squeaks!

This toy comes in two sizes, a Medium/Large (which is what we have) and a Large/XLarge (I may add one of that size, I think Molly would enjoy chasing a bigger one for outdoor play.)

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