Saturday, March 4, 2017

Perri Performance Dog!

Today was one of those trial days when Perri Just Does It.   No highs or lows, no boycotting obstacles.   We played USDAA agility and I once again made the decision to move Perri back into Performance class.   This decision is likely to be final.   The last time I did this, I did not want Perri jumping 26".   This time, it is not the jump height of 24" that made my decision.   Our last trial, the times were so tight and I just don't need to be dealin' with that.  I don't need to be dealing with that 24" high tiny tire.   I don't need to be dealing with the intense dogs ripping up on their toys ring side and scaring her.  The Championship and Performance dogs are segregated quite markedly in USDAA.   And it seems to me that the typical dogs in USDAA Championship class are more competitive, driven and intense.  Perri is not any of those things.  Neither am I.   And that's okay.  I feel more comfortable in the "P" class.

P1 Gamblers we qualified quite nicely with a jump-tunnel-jump gamble.   I didn't like my plan and Perri knew it, she was uppity and I could tell if I was not careful she would explode into pounces and zooms!   Thankfully, we avoided that!  No issues with the lower tire.

P1 Standard started with jump to weaves.   Perri's weaves weren't blazing fast but she was doing them.   I wasn't being a good handler and I put a little pressure on her and watched her working on the last few weaves - she popped at the 10th pole.   There was ring crew to visit, I was creeping on her...she needed to bail out of that situation!  I put her back in where she left and we finished the course with no faults.   Good poodle!  Hoping we aren't looking at more weave issues.   Before we went into the ring there were several Unruly Dogs that were really upsetting Perri and before that she took a big static shock to her nose after touching my leg.   Not the way to get her into a good mood before going into the ring!  

"Performance Dog"!!!
Our final run of the day was Jumpers and it was Perri's first time in Performance 2.   She earned her P1 Jumpers title last year.   Perri had a lovely run and was a full 10 seconds under standard course time!   Awesome!  

Perri and I had such a nice day together.   I miss Molly being with us so very badly.   I know Perri misses her presence in the crating area as well as on our walks at the trial sites.   Perri notices these things and she has always done better in the ring when Molly is with us.   I was proud of her today for doing a really decent job despite being alone.   I took special care to take her on extra walks as well as throwing her squeaky tennis ball in the fenced in sheep pen so that she could pounce with it and be happy.

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