Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Less words, more photos

Husband Vince has been begging me to get outside and take some photos of the garden, namely the clematis.   And here it is.

Oooooh, ahhhhhh.....

And then I got distracted by the begonias

And then even more, I loved the wisteria flowers against the brick

Oh, this is a dog blog?   Well there were certainly some of those out in the yard as well

Ein can't stay serious for too long!

And Molly is never serious to start with

Speaking of serious...

Unless there is a ball that needs to be squished

Balls really aren't for squishing though, they're for fetching

Or, levitating

Speaking of levitating, Molly is giving it her best try

But then she broke her foot when she landed!

Just kidding!

Once again, Perri says we need to be more serious

Seriously serious.

You see those weaves in the background?   Perri kept gleefully leaping out of the 10th pole so tonight I actually fun-scolded her and kept making her redo them until she got it right.  Remember, "if you could just weave, that would be greeeeeeeeeeeeat."   Since she was in a happy gimme-my-ball mood, she was willing to play along and finally buckled down and did all of the weaves.   I'm not giving away no tennis balls for no cheaters tonight!

And that concludes our Friday night fun, my arms are sore from playing snake tug with the suddenly seriously serious Molly.

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