Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Raw Food Journey Day #1

We started our journey towards feeding a raw food diet tonight.   I don't know if I will be successful.   I have been wanting to do this for years and have always been so intimidated.   Tonight I just said, "That's it!" and went to the grocery store and got some chicken legs and thighs and handed it out to the dogs.   I will learn as I go along and hopefully we all don't all end up in the ER or having diarrhea all over the house.

Tonight we did chicken legs.   I believe that is too high in bone (calcium).  

Lesson #1: Meat is high in phosphorus, bone is high in calcium.   You must balance the two.   Also, organs.


Perri took to it the easiest, color me surprised!   She crunched it right up and licked up the floor after herself.    Miss Picky Eater says, "Good.   Been trying to tell you for years I don't want that cereal!"

Molly picked it up, wiggled like crazy, and then put it back down and said, "Okay, where is my kibble?"   I picked it up and gave it to her again and then she crunched it right down.  

Ein struggled the most.   I may want to grind his food up for him, since he has lost both carnassials in the back due to abscessing.   We will see.   I chopped the leg in half for him.   I ended up holding the meat for him and he got into it a lot better, tearing at it like a little savage.   He got a bit put off by the bone but he did crunch away a bit of it.   I decided to let the matter rest, he did a really good job and we will continue working on "Yes, this is your dinner now."  

Unrelated photo from years ago when the dogs got some venison RMBs to enjoy.

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