Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Molly does ORT Boxes

Molly has bounced back to complete normalcy from her weird GI affliction from last week.   I have really been ramping up the Nosework training with Molly because she is so excited about the work and also she makes some pretty cute snorting sounds when she searches!  

Our focus lately has been getting the plastic container boxes in some other locations, and I have also been sneaking in cardboard ORT boxes, while still using the regular plastic container as the "hot box".   Tonight I took a leap and put the tin with birch into a vented ORT box, with plastic containers all around it as well as a blank ORT box.   This really would be a test of Molly's understanding that finding the birch odor pays.   Has she just been blindly fussing at plastic containers until I mark and reward?   Or does she really get it?

She gets it.   I don't have a video of that first search with her alerting at an ORT box, when up until now odor has been in a plastic box.   I set this search up afterwards, with all cardboard ORT boxes (with the lids partially open, "vented").   I'll say it a million times, I am an agility girl but gawd dang I love that moment when they whiplash their head and get "in odor".   I never get tired of it.

I switched the location of the box and let it sit on the floor and "age" for about an hour.   I put her Nosework harness and leash on, because I really struggled with my leash handling with Perri due to her equipment issues and I want to start strong with that with Molly.   She alllllmost leaves the hot box but alerts nicely on it!    I think I am going to have a whole lot of fun doing Nosework with Molly.

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