Monday, November 10, 2014

Molly Monday

Molly and I had a really great evening.  I worked an earlier shift than usual, so that left me more time after work to go for a walk with Molly.  I scoped out a cluster of four geocaches at a park semi close to our training center, Paoli Battlefield Historic Park.  History buff I am not, my brain actually shuts down to a low hum when I try to absorb historical information.  I am completely ashamed of how bad it is.  But what I do gather is that this battlefield was the site of something called the "Paoli Massacre", which made me feel very sad without knowing any specifics.

We walked around the monuments and the battle relics and field and then went on the woodland trail for a short walk.  We found all of the geocaches.  Molly's toenail held up really well for all of this, no limping or fussing over it.  I think it is safe to say that we are through the worst of the Toenail Days.

It felt great to get back to agility class with my big girl!  It has been since October 19th that I have run agility with Molly, and the Monday prior to that since we have enjoyed class.   Nearly a month!  In class I did some front crosses, I trusted my dog!  Running Perri boosted my confidence with "Yes, you are fast enough to do a front cross!  You just have to do it at the proper time!"  Molly was really following me, she was loving agility and moving fast and blasting out all of that pent up energy.

Molly's weave entries and footwork were absolutely gorgeous, I was so proud of her!  I have not done any weave pole work at all with her since that AKC trial in October - there was no time...and then she hurt her foot.  I felt so great that it all was retained and that she actually loves to do this obstacle now.  If you had told me six months ago that my dog would enjoy weave poles I would have laughed....  Progress.  It is happening!

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