Sunday, January 8, 2017

Cynosport Rally Videos

My friends who visited me and the pups at the rally trial yesterday videoed all of my runs!   How exciting!

This is Perri's Level 2A.   Sure enough I did a jet-fueled pivot right and left her in the dust - bad handler.   We need to work on our Left About Turns (she face plants on my leg!)

And here are Ein's videos.
Level 1B

Level 2B

And 3B

I feel really inspired to try to clean up my handling after watching these.   I have some bad habits that I do not love and they are glaring to me when watching these videos.   I kind of hate that I look at these and feel so critical of myself.   On the other hand, this is how I have improved over the past few years.    Qualifying is wonderful, but being clear for my dogs and continually striving to be my best is even better.  

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