About Dogbird Daily

Why is this blog called Dogbird?

I'll be honest, I'm not good with names and all of that creativity.   But I was given the nickname Catbird when I was a kid, and I always liked that.  But you can't name a dog blog "Catbird".  So, simple as that, it's Dogbird.

This is me, Danielle.  I'm an early 30's something living in Eastern Pennsylvania with a very tolerant husband, Vince.  I love hiking, photography and my dogs ... best when combined.
Dog Rescue has a special place in my heart.

Three years ago I thought that training classes for dogs were completely ridiculous, and now I love them.

The goal of this blog is to post at least one photo daily of my dogs, from present or past.  Sometimes there will be writing about something cool that I have done with the dogs, sometimes just a photo.

Mr. Ein
This is Ein.  That's Mr. Ein to you.  I found Ein about seven years ago in a small classified ad in a Lancaster County, PA newspaper.  Welsh Corgeys, $125.  I found a small scale puppy mill, and a lady who told me that she was selling a clearance puppy "at cost".  I fell for it.
Ein is the dog that made me fall in love with dogs.  The dog that I learned to love hiking with.  The dog that taught me how to compose a photo.  The dog that has been my constant for the last eight years.  Every dog lover has a "heart dog", and for me, that is Ein.

I always hear people remark in disgust, "All the shelter has is PITBULLS." when they go there to adopt a dog.  Me?  I went to the shelter looking for one.  And I found her.  A 3 month old stray shivering on a pile of donated blankets.
Molly is absolutely larger than life.  Clown doesn't begin to cover it.  She prefers to be either eating, airborne, swimming, or with a ball in her mouth.
Molly is what is known as a "breed ambassador".  She is a stable and loving pitbull that has weaseled her way into many hearts, especially my husband's.

Perri the Poodle

Perri the Poodle is the family baby.  She completes my eclectic trio of dogs.
Perri was rehomed for the crime of chicken killing, I found her on Craigslist.  I have no chickens and was more than happy to adopt the breed of dog that I had been searching through rescue after rescue to adopt.
Perri is a lightning fast learner and she has also evened out the dynamic between Ein and Molly. (the result is a constant storm cloud of dog play and corgi barking).  We have been working on some mild separation anxiety issues and she has been a very patient "guinea pig" while I learn how to groom a poodle.  I think that we are both improving!


  1. Hi Danielle; I just read your article about camping at the Lackwanna State Park. We have a dog also and it looks like he'll be able to swim in the lake there. We're camping there this coming weekend. I was happpy to see your blog. We moved here from CA 13 years ago and have just started to really camp again, but not finding large sites or good campgrounds that accept dogs. Any suggestions. We live in PA and are looking in MD, VA, NJ also. We have a pop-up and we're just a middle aged couple that loves nature and quiet.

  2. Thanks for reading, Claudia!
    I really enjoyed Lackawanna a lot - and I think you and your dog will, too. :)
    Many PA State Parks have campgrounds that allow dogs - Hickory Run State Park is very large and interesting (big boulder field! waterfall!) and has pet friendly sites. I have not stayed at the campground but I did visit that state park for some day hiking and enjoyed it.

    One place that my husband and I camped that I really enjoyed was Canyon Country Campground (http://www.campinpa.com/) - located near the "Pennsylvania Grand Canyon" just outside of Wellsboro,PA. There is even a hiking trail from the campground to the Canyon - and it is quite a thing to see.
    The campground is dog friendly and the owners were very kind to us - it was our first time camping and we had just about none of the proper gear/hook ups, and the owner took extra time to help us get comfortable and he was very friendly to our dogs.

  3. Trying to find your contact info, as I'd like to ask a question about the AT. Thanks.