Appalachian Trail Hikes

Since I am very goal based, and there are 229.6 miles of the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania (and far more in surrounding states!), I am trying to hike them all in mini-sections.
Sometimes I am able to backpack and get 20 or 30 done at a time.  Sometimes I can hike with a friend and get 10 done at a time.  And most of the time, I hike with just the dogs and I - we can accomplish 5 or 6 miles in "out and back" fashion.

"The Spectacular Pinnacle" 

Section 1: Delaware Water Gap to Wind Gap Completed!
   Delaware Water Gap to Totts Gap **Blog Post**

   Totts Gap to Wolf Rocks **Blog Post** 
   Wind Gap to Wolf Rocks **Bog Post**

Section 2: Wind Gap to Lehigh Gap
   Wind Gap to Leroy Smith Shelter Hike
   Smith Gap Road to Leroy Smith Shelter **Blog Post**
   Lehigh Gap to "Tick Infestation City"   **Blog Post**
   Little Gap to Lehigh Gap **Blog Post**

Section 3: Lehigh Gap to PA Route 309 Completed!
   Lehigh Gap to Ashfield Road Hike
   Lehigh Gap and North/South Trails **Blog Post**
   Ashfield Road to PA 309
   Bake Oven Knob/Bear Rocks - Mini Hike
Section 4: PA Route 309 to Port Clinton Completed!
    PA 309 to "Tri County Corner"
   "Tri County Corner" to The Pinnacle **Blog Post**   
   The Pinnacle to Windsor Furnace
   PA 61 (Port Clinton) to Windsor Furnace

Section 5: Port Clinton to PA Route 183 Completed!
   PA 61 (Port Clinton) to Phillip Canyon Spring
   Sand Spring Trail to Phillips Canyon Spring
   Sand Spring Trail to PA 183
   PA 183 to "Stream Crossing"
Section 6: PA Route 183 to Swatara Gap Completed!
   PA 183 to PA 501
   PA 501 to PA 645
   PA 645 to Swatara Gap (PA 72)

Section 7: Swatara Gap to Clarks Valley
   Swatara Gap to PA 443   

Section 8: Clarks Valley to Susquehanna River Completed!
  PA 225 to Victoria Trail   **Blog Post**
  PA 225 to Susquehanna River
  Susquehanna River > North
  PA 225 to PA 325 **Blog Post**

Section 9: Susquehanna River to PA Route 944

  Susquehanna River to Duncannon

Section 10: PA Route 944 to Boiling Springs
   White Rocks Trail to Boiling Springs

Section 11: Boiling Springs to PA Route 94

Section 12: PA Route 94 to Pine Grove Furnace

Setion 13: Pine Grove Furnace to Caledonia Completed!
   Caledonia to Pine Grove Furnace (Overnight Hike)

Section 14: Caledonia to Pen Mar Completed!

   Pen Mar to Caledonia (Overnight Hike)

Maryland   COMPLETED!

Me and the Girls pose at Weverton Cliffs

Section 1: Pen Mar to Raven Rock Hollow

Section 2: Raven Rock Hollow to Wolfsville Road

Section 3: Wolfsville Road to Interstate 70

Section 4: Interstate 70 to Turners Gap

Section 5: Turners Gap to Crampton Gap

Section 6: Crampton Gap to Weverton

Section 7: Weverton to Harpers Ferry, WV

Ein soaks in the Schuykill River after a hike on the AT in Port Clinton, PA.

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