Friday, January 18, 2013

Exciting New Territory.

My friend in agility class is taking her dog to his first agility trial.  I felt a little jealous and exlaimed, "I want to do an agility trial!"

"Well.   Why don't you?"

And as though she understood, Molly ran perfectly for me in class.  "I'm ready for a trial, Mum!"  She took tunnels without hesitation, ran straight lines over jumps, slammed into weave poles like a boss and acted like a real agility dog.

Deal sealed.

We will be playing CPE Agility, that is a no brainer.  The world of agility is very confusing and intimidating for me, and I love that CPE seems to be a friendly crowd, with fun and do-able entry level courses.

Molly and I will start in Level One and trial all weekend.  We will do two Standard Runs, a Jumpers Run, Colors Run and a Full House Run.

I have no idea what will happen.  Will Molly not like the unfamiliar equipment?  Will she act confused?  Over excited?  Will I be the most confused one of all and blow the whole thing?

What I do know is that if I wait until Molly and I are perfect, I will be waiting a long time.  I think that trialing in CPE is our next step up for learning the sport, enjoying it, and meeting a wider range of like minded and knowledgeable people.
As ever, playing agility with a pitbull, I feel like I have something to prove.  Molly and I really MUST do well, to "show people".  To show people that my former stray, my "unpredictable" breed that no one does agility with, can be a Good Dog.

I can't wait. :)

Spring 2012, play agility and contact practice at Glen Highland Farm. Photo Credit - David Deacon.

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