Thursday, January 24, 2013

Graffiti Highway.

I had a day off of work today, and planned to go visit Centralia with my time.  Husband Vince came along, and we had a great day trip.

Centralia was a small PA town that was destroyed by a careless fire that was started...and never put out.  The fire burns under ground , out of control.  You can see steam venting up through the earth at many areas in Centralia, and there is always a burning smell in the air.  

This "EarthCache", Centralia The Burning Town has a lot of interesting historic information about Centralia, and it says it much better than I ever could.  History buff I am not, though I am fascinated by the fire.

Poodle Tracks.

Today we walked down the Old PA 61 highway, nicknamed "Graffiti Highway".  This small section of "Old 61" was abandoned due to fire damage and safety concerns.  I was excited to visit because I do enjoy graffiti.  Unfortunately, even though there was no snow near where I live, there was snow all over the road.  Stupid winter!  

Old 61, cracked and steaming.   The snow was  melted away in this area for sure!

Of course I found a geocache! (two, actually.)


Exhausted.   They got to sleep, I got some tasty Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate form Dunkin Donuts.

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