Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spay Day.

Today Perri took the journey that all young dogs of mine must take...she got spayed.  I opted to take her to The Affordable Spay and Neuter Clinic over my regular vet.  The Clinic is pretty awesome.  They offer a whole lot of services and excellent care and I was very impressed with how Perri and I were treated.   The Clinic is run out of a pet store that sells high quality pet food, and also adopts out rescue pups of all ages transported from high kill shelters from "the south".  

The veterinarian used to practice "in the south" and there was a photo album of some of his old surgical patients on the counter for browsing.  He operated on multiple snakes, bears, large cats, and a whole lot of other interesting cases.  A mere poodle spay...child's play!

There were also two photos on a bulletin board of a female's "innards" in heat / not in heat.  I was amazed at the size difference!  

Perri's surgery went very well.  She had her umbilical hernia repaired and was microchipped.  I definitely bought her the optional pain pills.  She is still completely out of it and seems to have forgotten how to walk.  She is snoozing on the big dog bed right now, and whimpers every now and then.  

She had some pee on her tail and blood on her legs, so I sponge bathed her.  Poor kid.  

*While I was writing this, Perri suddenly sat straight up...ripped the cone off of her head...stood up and started screaming bloody murder.  I took her outside to poop and she seems content to sleep again.  Overreaction? 

Owch.  Longer scar than normal, due to the hernia repair.

This dog sure does love to lay belly up.

This was moments after arriving home.

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