Friday, March 22, 2013

Beginner Novice here we come!

I did something very exciting today!

Ein and I are going to an AKC show on April 7th to give his first Rally Excellent leg a try.  I have two other AKC shows planned for May as well.  A day or so ago, I looked up the procedure for the "Beginner Novice" class for Obedience and found it to be something that I feel Perri is ready for.
Until that point, I had been tossing around in my head how to get Perri used to being in the ring.  Rally?  A match with her in Novice class?  I wasn't sure.  But Beginner Novice seems like a great place for us, and I am very excited.

Perri will have to Heel on Leash.  This part of the test is walked with the aide of Rally signs, and you are allowed to give your dog one verbal encouragement.  I feel like this will help me mentally transition from Rally-O into Obedience, and I am glad that it is set up this way.
Perri will have to walk the Figure Eight on lead.  Again, a verbal encouragement is allowed here.
Perri will have to Sit for Exam.  I will walk to the end of the leash, and the judge will touch her on the head.
Perri will have to Sit Stay while I leave her and walk the perimeter of the ring gating.
Perri will have to Recall.  She will be left in a Sit-Stay and called to come sit at Front.  AGAIN a verbal encouragement is allowed.

Originally I decided to enter Perri in BN for the May shows.  Then today, that little thought started bouncing around my the April 7th show closed yet?  Do they have the Beginner Novice class in that show?  How cool would it be to get STARTED already?  Why not?
I tend to take ideas and RUN with them, so of course Perri's entry was mailed out this afternoon, and will hopefully reach the trial secretary in time for the Monday evening closing...and hopefully there will be room in the trial for her.

It's all up to fate now!

Perri at 5 months old on her first day with me.  We went on a lakeside hike and practiced heel work.  She was a natural.

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