Friday, March 15, 2013

Eve of Destruction

Maybe my title is a little bit dramatic.  But this weekend is another CPE Agility Trial with Molly.  SCARY!

A few things I keep telling myself: Molly rarely runs around jumps anymore.  I have tried so very hard to pay attention to my body language and I really feel that I have improved there.  I am getting better at remembering courses, and walking them with Molly's point of view in mind.

Okay, so that's it.  But those things were huge issues at our last trial!

Molly used to run under the tire every time.  Not anymore!

We kick it off with Fullhouse (Level 2!), so Molly will be able to get her zoomers out and hopefully be more focused for the rest of the trial.  We are trying new games at this trial: Wildcard, Jackpot and the DREADED SNOOKER.  Wish us luck!

Molly strikes a pose on the dog walk.

Once again, no matter what happens I know that I get to run eight agility courses this weekend, and my brindle blur will be tail wagging along side of me.

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