Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Perri gets a Raise

Perri had obedience class tonight and she was REALLY good.  Where was that dog last Sunday?

I brought out the secret weapon...HOT DOGS.

Even last week in Obedience class, Perri was sniffy and a bit stressed.  She has always worked reasonably well for Milkbone Minis, but after that class and this past weekend's trial, it was clear that my poodle needed a doggy pay raise.  My girl was telling me...those dry biscuits aren't going to cut it if we are going to make a career of this!  We did some focus work before class and on the first hot dog bit into Perri's mouth, I suddenly seemed a whole lot more interesting to her!  Her heeling was snappy, her eyes did not leave me during either that or the Figure 8's.  And always her sit at halt.  Her Stand for Exam is consistent as ever.  She did NOT break her stay on the recall, as she did at the trial.  AND for the first time she did not break on the "Sits and Downs" portion of class.  (I have made a point of only being about three feet away from her, and she gets intermittent food rewards for staying.)

Of course, this should have all been common sense for me.  How long did I expect my clever girl to work for cereal bits anyway??

Please enjoy an unrelated photo of Perri being rude to Molly.

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