Saturday, May 4, 2013

CPE Agility Trial (Y2K9's)

I return (half) victorious!

Jackpot Level 1 - NQ for a blown A-frame contact in the gamble. (I front crossed too soon and did not remind her to TOUCH!)  She was also a bit erratic and sniffy, but still working with me.
Standard Level 2 - Q!  I did not expect to Q here, it was our first Level 2 run in Standard and the weaves and teeter were both there.  Only 5 faults for a knocked bar.
Colors Level 2 - NQ.  Straight line of four jumps to the back of the ring.  She went around every. single. one.  I had to baby her over that line and it was SO unlike her to be that way, and then she took an off course tunnel.  I got flustered and sent her to the wrong jump.  There was much lamenting.   (I *think* that she was warm from being in the car before this run.  The hatch and windows were open and she was shaded, but I still think it was warm and she was groggy.  I moved her crate into the building after that.)
Snooker Level 1 - NQ.  This was a HARD course and we NQ'd on our third jump because of Molly back jumping it.  I was trying to wrap her around a red jump but I stepped in too soon and pushed her back over the jump.  More lamenting.  Why do I suck so much?
Jumpers Level 1 - Q with 0 faults!  Third time's the charm! (sigh.)  This was a gorgeous run for Molly, we ran so smooth and pretty.  I wish that I had had this one video'd.  That earned us our Level 1 Fun Title.  YAY!

So, it was not a perfect day, but still a day to be proud of.  I am SO frustrated with my handler errors, I drive myself crazy!  I say that my brain seriously goes right into TV static when I enter the ring.  If anything goes wrong, I get so flustered and I have a hard time recovering.  Working on that.

But when I look back at our first trial, we have really come so far in only a few months.  To have a clean and beautiful Jumpers run today meant a lot to me.  To qualify our FIRST time in Level 2 with only 5 faults also meant a lot to me.  And to know the REASON for all of our NQ's - how my handling caused Molly to do something undesirable - that also means a lot to me.
We are getting somewhere.  Molly is at last gaining the control and focus to work with me in the ring - it is time for me to learn how to handle her and TRUST her, instead of locking up mentally with worry that she will do something erratic.

Title Schmitle.  I'm tired.

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