Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rain or Shine.

Saturday is a day to look forwards to!  It will be Ein's second Rally Excellent leg, and Perri's second attempt at a FIRST Beginner Novice leg.  The weather forecast also predicts 60% chance of rain.  Uh-oh.

It was a welcome "treat" that it was pouring rain all day today.  We go to Obedience class on Wednesday evening and class is outside.  In the rain.  Sure enough, pulling into the parking lot there were ominous thunder clouds and drizzle.  Oh well, as far as I am concerned, we NEEDED to practice in the rain.

Perri's heeling was nice and so were her long sit-stay and down-stay.  We did a lot of FUN! stuff tonight that bordered more on the rally end of the obedience spectrum - fine by me!  Our last thing was recalls, by my request.  The rain REALLY started dumping then and that frustrated Perri.  We did one successful recall but on our second round, Perri was being strongly affected by the rain.  She broke her sit-stay as I walked away from her.  I put her back.  When I turned and recalled her she BLASTED! towards me and did a very sloppy front.

Class was over, so I decided to try another recall.  Perri decided that I had lost my mind.  She held her sit-stay.  She recalled and then she ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!  Huge poodle zoomies, all around the obedience field with nothing but deaf ears to the sound of my voice.  No one can zoom like a poodle!  She was having the time of her life!  If we are going to be outside in the rain, we are going to enjoy ourselves!  I was too amused to be embarrassed, and may I never lose that ability.

I put Perri in her crate and brought Ein out to practice his weak areas.  The rain had stopped at last.  After about 10 minutes of Ein-work, Perri got to come back out and A) Play with her friend Luna and B) Do some short-but-sweet recall work. She did a marvelous job and there was much rejoicing.

Here's hoping for a dry Saturday!

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