Friday, June 21, 2013

ARCH The Finest Einest!

Weeeell tonight found us at another Rally-O trial!  I did a "day of show" entry for Ein in Level 2 in hopes that we would scoop up those last four ARCH points necessary.  Einey made it happen!

I arrived early this time.  The building was hot with an insanely loud wall fan blowing, and another floor fan in full use as well.  I set up Ein's crate and our "home base" area and Ein immediately began vibrating and panting.  Stupid Fans!  He was NOT too stressed out to eat a hot dog bit, so that was good.  But it made me nervous.  Anxious Ein means lagging and double commands, and that can kill a good score in no time.

The course that we walked was thankfully in a quieter end of the building.  I played some ball with Ein, fed him more hot dog bits.  By the time we walked on course, he was pretty much back to normal.
It was smooth.  Some lagging.  I think two double commands.  I had to baby him over the jump.  I messed up the Halt-1 Step Right-Halt sign, I did it AKC-style and that lost us 3 or 5  points (UGH!).
Otherwise, it was a decent run and we earned a score of 195 for it.  I'll take it!  That's 5 ARCH points, we needed 4.  YAY!
I was very pleased that Ein did an excellent Halt-Side Step Right-Halt, straight sit and all.  This sign was a big problem area for us a few months ago.

And a big old corgi grin to match!

So what's next?   My remaining goals for Ein are his ARCHX title (he will have to get 5 QQ's in Levels 1 and 2 of 195 or higher.)  That will be a big challenge.  Ein's Level 2 scores, as evidenced by us falling short on points, leave much to be desired.  He is also beginning to halt up on the jump more and more, and I think that I will jump him at 4 inches from now on.
And of course, Level 3.  Ein is still simply not ready for Level 3.  The directed jumping sign is an enormous challenge for me to teach him, and for him to learn.  Admittedly, I have not been working on that particular exercise as much as I should and it is really the exercise holding us back from being able to do RL3.

Beyond World Cynosport Rally I am toying with CDSP Obedience, Novice Level.  And possibly nosework.  The girl dogs are keeping me very busy, but I don't forget about my boy.  He loves to work, and I owe it to him!

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