Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vacation Photoblog - Lackawanna State Park

Last week, for three days Husband Vince and I went to Lackawanna State Park for a camping adventure!  We took our camper and all three dogs to the State Park's campground.  It was less chaotic than it sounds!

At Camp

Sharing the Bedroll Mat.  No way are they laying on bare ground!

Molly wonders why this bed wasn't brought on the Appalachian Trail for her?

Corgis who bark and charge at passing trucks must be shut inside.

Hitting the Trail...
Since we were staying AT the park, I had a literal entire day to explore and hike the trails.  I took a huge loop in the morning before lunchtime and did not see another hiker the entire time, until I reached the Main Day Use Area.
This was an excellent park with varied and interesting trails - I definitely enjoyed myself.

"Aspen Overlook"

We found a pond to cool off in!
She still swims so awkwardly sometimes...
Best swimming friends!
BabyDog managed to steal Molly's ball!

Back into the Woods...

Lackawanna Lake

Ein atop the Dam.  Ein was really living it up, being the only dog allowed off leash!

Pretty Dam.

Forever my best Trail Dog.

It was truly a gorgeous evening...

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