Thursday, July 4, 2013

Appalachian Trail - PA 225 to PA 325

It's been too long since my last Appalachian Trail hike!  Best way to spend a holiday was to hike 9.5 miles on my favorite trail with a good friend. (and her border collie, Bean.)

I was not in my normal photo snapping frenzy, but I managed some good shots.  The day was hot (I believe in the ninety degree range) and the hike started by going uphill.  What else can be expected from the AT?
This hike completes Section 8, "Clark Valley to Susquehanna River".  Yay!

Chicory in the 325 parking lot.

Rocks.  As usual. 
And more rocks.  As usual.

Copperheads.  Not usual.  We saw at least five of these li'l guys.  I was a tinge hysterical until I had Perri recalled and leashed...
"Kinter View"

Into the woods...

Cicadas were in evidence.  Either dead like this guy, or singing in the woods.

View from "Table Rock"
Thirsty and hot poodle.
Group photo!
Luna Moth.
See?  Gorgeous day.  

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