Friday, July 12, 2013

Days 10-12 of Corgi Photo Challenge

Life is not allowing me to be prompt in my Daily Corgi Photo postings!  These photos are Day 10 (You and your Corgi) and Day 11 (Corgi Bath).  Day 12 is a Corgi at the Rainbow Bridge and that is definitely not Ein.  But I will post a photo of Ein's big brother Rambo, who went on to the Rainbow Bridge in 2005 and took a piece of my heart with him.

Day 10.  You and your Corgi
I posted this recently but I love it so much.  It says it all about mine and Ein's relationship.  Ein at heel, gazing up at me.  Thank you to Michelle O for the photo!

Day 11.  Corgi Bath
I don't know if I will ever love a bath photo as much as the one below.  This was taken the day before Ein's very first Rally-O trial ever.  I thought I should wash him and make him good smelling and handsome for his first AKC event.  I will never forget that day :)  Wish I had gotten a video.

Day 12. Rainbow Bridge
As I said, this is Ein's brother.   Rambo died about three months after Ein was brought home - and Ein was very upset about it.  He hid under my couch for about a week and did not want to come out to eat or anything.  He thought the sun rose and set on Rambo.  Rambo was a lab/GSD mix rehome from his prior owner who passed away - and he was a protective old gentleman that did not give over his love easily.

Rambo thought Ein was the most annoying creature on earth.  Ein thought Rambo was a god.

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