Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Philly Area Corgi Picnic 2013

This blog has obviously become consumed with All Things Corgi!  This past Saturday was the annual Philly Area Corgi Picnic - I look forwards to it every year.  I have watched this picnic grow for the last five years from a small gathering into a huge Corgi Party with attendees from many different states (and countries!) 
We enjoyed: the hot dog eating contest, "musical hoops", a dog treat vendor, a professional pet portrait photographer, a silent auction, and an animal chiropractor demonstration.  And of course...lots of food for corgis and humans alike!

I always bring a kiddie pool to the corgi picnic, but when I went to load my 3-year-picnic-veteran-pool into the car, I could see that it was ready to go to pool heaven.  There were bends and holes in it everywhere.  I stopped at a Walmart on the way and picked up a bright pink new pool for the occasion!  You can see it on the left there, properly labelled and open for corgi busines.

Whenever we go to the corgi picnic, and we do every year, Ein enjoys: peeing on things, playing fetch, and basking in the pool.  In no particular order.  I enjoy taking photos of the corgis with my SLR camera.  We have a good time.  There is always a break in the activities for lunch time: hot dogs, hamburgers, and a general variety of delicious foods brought by all picnic guests.

Ein amused many people because he enjoys laying down in the pool.

This is Sgt Buckley!  He made a home video of the whole picnic!  (He is still processing it, can't wait until it is finished!)

I don't know this guy's name, but he is cute!

Corgi Secrets.

Hot Dog Contest!

Ein and I do not participate in the hot dog contest anymore.  Each dog gets a pan of water with hot dog slices thrown into it.  There are several rounds of competition and then a "finalist" round. 

The idea is that the dog should eat his hot dog slices as quickly as possible and that makes him the winner!

Ein has never mastered the art of dunking his snoot into the pan of water, and he normally ends up just staring at me.

We leave this game to the professional food hounds.

Don't know her name either, but she is equally adorable!

Ein took a rest in his crate while I ate lunch.

"Musical Hoops" is Ein's game.  It is the same idea as musical chairs.  Corgis walk in a circle around a series of hula hoops, and when the music stops, the corgi-human team has to get themselves inside of the hoop otherwise they are OUT!
Ein loves to heel with me and has a great auto-sit at halt, so he has won this game more than once, and I always enjoy heeling with my boy out in public.  Obedience Nerd.
Ein and I tied for first place this year as well, and he won a very adorable cow stuffed animal with a water bottle inside of it.  Go Ein!  He just wanted to get done with that game so that he could pee on more stuff.

This dog loved the frisbee - but not having her photo taken!
Dr Mike Burak is an animal chiropractor.  He demonstrates on AnnaBelle.  (I am giving serious thought to taking Molly to Dr. Burak.  I think that it would be helpful for her neck discomfort.)
We had a reading of the Rainbow Bridge for all dogs passed on. 


Banana Split!
King and Queen.  1st Place!

Canada Corgi!

A poster was made with all corgi's pawprints - it will be in the silent auction next year.

Best. Print. On. Poster.

Still doesn't want her photo taken.
Having all that fun is exhausting...

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