Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One Year of Perri the Poodle!

This should be a post about Molly's agility trial last weekend.  Or about Molly going lame again last weekend.  Or about Molly's first chiropractor visit.  Or about the camping trip that I just got home from.  Hey hey, I'll get there.  

But the most exciting matter is that Sunday the 18th was Perri's "gotcha day", one year of Perri in my life!

Perri's 1st Day (5 months old.)

Her first Appalachian Trail hike: I trusted her off leash.  Bit mistake!  She took off running with Everett and Molly and they ditched her like all big sisters and cousins should.  She never found her way back to us.  I was devastated, frantic, and feeling like the woods were very big and my poodle was very small.
I moved my search to the neighboring recreational trail and saw a family out for a walk in the distance with a dog at their side.  When they got closer I was relieved like crazy that it was my Perri.  
Okay, so her recall needed some work...

She is a dog that requires many baths.
First camping trip.   World's End State Park.

She loves her Corgi. 
This photo was taken in December, on a walk during my lunch break.  I had begun bringing Perri to work and letting her sleep in my car because her separation anxiety was becoming out of control.
Leave her in a crate?  She would jailbreak or tear herself apart trying to get out.
Leave her loose?  She would pull things from tables, counters or bookshelves and chew everything else up in her stress.
But put her in the car?  Nothing.  She would just sleep.
With age, training, her relationship with Molly, and a reassuring house departure routine on my end (tedious, so tedious.) Perri's SA has become a thing of  the past.  
I can leave Perri crated at shows while I work the other dogs, or while I take the other dogs to classes and not a peep form her.  I am so grateful.

First time at Cape May!

Spayed.  She had to wear the Cone of Shame until her stithces were out.  Busy body.
Gradauted Obedience School!
Some real groomers showed me how to scissor down that crazy topknot!
Forever Silly.

Mountain Poodle!
Perri earns her Beginner Novice AKC Obedience title. (this ribbon is from her 2nd leg.)
Whoah, grown up poodle.

RL1 Title.
Hyner View State Park, taken yesterday.

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