Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Puddle Dog

Can't see, rain is falling on me.
What better to do in the driving rain but practice Novice Obedience exercises?  (Ha.)  Today was a perfect chance to work on proofing good behavior in the rain.  I sure did not want to go out in that, but if it rains on one of our upcoming obedience shows, at least I will have given Perri some exposure.

She did her long downs and I made her stay longer than one and three minutes each.  I threw her tennis ball, I squeaked it.  She's not fallin' for that.

We did heel patterns and I focused more on myself than her.  I walked briskly and really did not look at her.  Did not slow down.  I trusted that she was with me.  And if I would side eye her, I saw that sweet face looking up at me.  Perri is really starting to get this stuff.  Same on the figure 8.  Brisk, brisk, brisk around our cones.

I worked on proofing the Stand-Stay.  Perri moved paws when I first threw her ball, but I put her back where she belonged.  And there she stayed.

Recalls were good, we are of course still using the jump bars to guide her into a straight front.  We will get there.  The second time we did this she ran to me and then just swung into heel position.  THAT cannot be a habit.

Before I knew it we were out there over half an hour.  I was surprised.  After a stressful day at work, it did my soul good to unwind with my good girl, even if it was a little wet.

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