Monday, September 16, 2013

Appalachian Trail - Lehigh Gap and North/South Trails.

Scratching Perri from her chance at the Novice ring did not mean that my Sunday had to be sad.  In fact, I dare say that I had a whole lot more fun up on top of the mountain on my beloved Appalachian Trail than I may have NQ'ing!

I chose to do a repeat hike of hiking south from the PA 873 trailhead on the Appalachian Trail, with excursions onto the "North Trail" and "South Trail" (aka, really really rocky trail.)

As usual my good boy gets to be off leash while the bad girls stay tethered.

Before long, we hit Rock.

"Dog beds, bah!"

Back to the woods...
The dogs had a whole lot to say about this!
Leaving the woods....almost back to the car.
And back across the river!

I don't think any photo can capture how absolutely stunning yesterday was.  The weather was perfect, this hike offers a lot of interesting sights and physical challenge (hello, uphill!).   As ever, there are lots more photos on Flickr.  

We did not escape unscathed - poor Ein had a limp when we got home.  I thought it was his eight year old joints worn out from the long and rocky hike, but it was actually a skinned paw pad.  My dogs have way too much trouble with that!   It is definitely one of our more infuriating issues.

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