Friday, September 13, 2013

Novice A NQ the Fourth

I return.....


Perri was again wildly distracted and a bit stressed and barely holding it together for the heel patterns and figure 8.  She did a good stand for exam.  We totally lost it in the heel free and I do believe my poodle has gotten ringwise on that heel free.  "Oh.  I don't actually have to walk with you??"
She recalled on the recall...and ran behind me to lay in the shade.
She broke her Sit-Stay and kept her Down-Stay.

I have an entry tomorrow and Sunday and I have decided to scratch and go do something more fun and productive.   I don't feel as abysmal emotionally as I did yesterday, and I think that is because yesterday I was truly shocked to see how unready my dog was for Novice.   Today I was more mentally prepared for what happened (although I am surprised by the broken sit-stay and not happy about that.)

I knew that Perri wasn't going to be any champion this weekend, or blow anyone's mind, but in my inexperience I honestly thought we had our act more together than we do.
I will admit, I'm a little embarrassed.  There were more than a few area trainers that I knew who watched our failure these past two days.   But if they are the type who can't just laugh it off with me, and would rather delight in my struggles or want to put me down for trying to soon, then I should not really care what they think of me and my girl anyway.

So.  A break.  For a while.  There is a CDSP Obedience trial in two months that I am already taking Ein to.  I think that would be a good way for Perri to get some upbeat, interactive obedience-ring experience and a good measure of our progress after two more months.  
But the AKC Obedience ring is going to wait much, much longer than that.   (I mean it this time!)
We won't stop training and going to matches for sure, but there will be no need to rush into a trial any time soon, until I feel that Perri and I are a lot more bomb proof.

And then, as I promised myself I would after these trials were over, I shaved all of her hair off!

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