Friday, September 6, 2013

World Cynosport Rally Obedience Trial!

Tonight was one of Ein's best trials to date!  And not because we got all of those ribbons - it was his attitude.  He was really into working, he was having a good time - and that's what it's all about.

Tonight's trial was a double trial, and I entered him in Levels 1-3 in both.   This gave us the opportunity to earn QQ's towards our ARCHX (we needed to earn 195 or above scores in Levels 1 and 2), and earn Level 3 legs.  We have been derailed from Level 3 since April, thanks to the directed jump exercise.   And we have worked hard on that sign and I finally felt like it was time to give it another try.   I'm glad that we did.   Ein got excellent scores in everything, and two legs towards his RL3 title tonight!

Trial 1 - 
Level 1 - A 210/210 EARNED HERE.  EIN'S FIRST EVER PERFECT SCORE!!!  I'm just a little bit excited.   This was also his tenth qualifying score in Level 1, so he earned the RL1X title!
Level 2 - A 207/210!  This is the highest score that Ein has ever earned in Level 2!
Level 3 - Oof.  This one had the directed jump sign in it.  It also had the moving backup (Ein did this beautifully.)  We heeled up to the directed jump.  I left Ein.  Turned around.  Cue-d him over the jump, eyes, arms and body focused on the jump.  He continued to sit.  I re-cued.   He left his stay and trotted to the jump.   I stopped breathing.  My heart stopped!  HE TOOK THE JUMP!  Our hard work paid off!  This is what trialing my dogs is all about.  Something that stumped us for so long, finally being worked out.   It may not happen tomorrow, but it happened tonight and I am so proud!  We got a 195/210 and 2nd place!

Trial 2 - 
Level 1 - A 205/210.  Last thing of the evening and I felt like we were sleepwalking and high on our success.
Level 2 - A 204/210.  Again, a great score and where were these 200 plus scores when Ein needed Level 2 ARCH points?  Huh?  
Level 3 - The moving backup was here.  The drop on recall.  The recall over jump.  I was not horribly worried about any of those things and they all went really well.   Ein did a great drop on recall, he hit the ground like he was shot.  Perfect!  He was a little sniffy - I think that he felt my nervous.   He ended up with a 200/210 and First Place!   The bonus was the Call Front, Back Up Three Steps and that was sort of a mess.  Ein curved off to my left pretty sharply but oh well.   Seriously?  When it comes to Ein and Level 3, I'm just out for the Q.

So proud of my little red dog.  He worked hard tonight and he was definitely tired by the end.   We will be up bright and early tomorrow to do it all again at another trial.   We have potential to earn the RL3 and ARCHX title, so fingers and paws crossed!

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  1. Gooo Ein!! And good luck tomorrow (which is now today)!