Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Game

Remember that CDSP Obedience trial that I entered Ein and Perri in?   Yeah, it's coming up.
And then there is that nagging weekly Open class that I have Perri taking.   Oops!
These two things help tether me to Obedience and remind me why (I think) I love it.  These things keep me from flying away into agility land and never ever returning to Obedience.

Also, Ein loves to train with me.   It's not like with Perri, she's gotta be in the right mood. (Although that mood is striking her more often than not lately.)  Ein just genuinely enjoys pleasing me and earning snacks.   So when the box arrived in the mail with Perri's new Perri-Friendly wooden dumbbell, there was one in there for Ein as well.  Why not teach him to retrieve a dumbbell?   He will enjoy it!

Tonight was our first chance to work on it, since we just got home from the beach.   Ein did a lot of fast pacing in front of me.  TaterTotTail wagging in furious concentration.  He kept giving me his paw.   He gave one or two eye flicks towards the dumbbell that I was able to give him a "Yes!" for (I don't use the clicker with Ein, the noise used to scare him.)
I ended our session with a dog who consistently looks at the dumbbell.  He's onto this game.  We are going to have fun with our new toy.


  1. oh my god if you ditch me in Obedience Land after getting me hooked on this dumb sport, we will have WORDS. :p

    CDSP is fun and much more lighthearted than AKC (so I gather from what everybody else was telling me at this trial). I think it'll be really good for Perri.

    1. Aw no worries, I know once Perri and I hit our stride things will be great. I won't be shaken so easily!
      Agility is a terrible black hole though, you may fall into the trap with Crooky!

      I am so grateful that we have CDSP in our area - what a great venue. I am truly looking forwards to the trial (and nervous at same time.)