Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Geo Metro Throwback

A favorite work-talk subject of mine is my beloved old Geo Metro, many years in the junkyard but much missed.   That car was an overheating, decomposing, unreliable little rust bucket - and she was mine.   I still praise that car's safety in the snow (seriously, it was a beast!), low gas mileage and the hammer I kept in the back just in case I needed to give the engine a good whack to get it started.  I checked the gas and added coolant and oil.

I am well known around work for being a Dog Lady and so when a coworker and I were chatting about our old Geo Metros (rest in peace!) another coworker asked if I had as many dogs then as I do now - and I couldn't have fit them all in the car.

Of course I could fit a bunch of dogs in my Geo Metro...

From Left to Right, Nikki (rip.) Deanna and Ruger (rip.)
Nikki and gang sleeping a hike off.

Ready for Adventure!

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