Monday, December 16, 2013

Library Dog

Perri had an "interview" at our local library tonight to become their new reading therapy dog!  It felt so strange to take one of my dogs into the library, since it is a place where dogs are not permitted.   I brought Perri's Canine Good Citizen certificate, her Therapy Dogs Incorporated certificate and her rabies vaccination certificate.   The library would like my criminal background check clearances (I have had these already since I work in a hospital.) and had me fill out a volunteer form.

We discussed what the prior therapy dog team did - the handler laid a blanket on the floor and spent individual time with each child, either reading a story to them, or allowing them to read to the dog.  Whether they were actually reading the book or making up a story does not matter.   (how sweet!)  The previous therapy dog team also kept a note card for each child and when the child would get five paw print stamps (for five books read), they earned a free book from a box of books that the library has on hand!  I like it.  I was also made to feel like Perri and I can add our own touch to the program, it is flexible.   They were very kind to switch the night from Monday to Tuesday.  I feel tremendously guilty about this, but Monday is Molly's agility night and I really don't want to sacrifice that.  "Paws and Pages" is only one night a month, so I would have been willing to give up one class night, but it was really not something that I wanted to do.   And if the library did not want to change the night, they would have said so, right?  Right.

Perri was very well behaved in the library.   She sat while we waited in line at the counter.  She stood patiently while I filled out my volunteer form.  She was polite to two children who petted her.  She was polite to the library employees.  She wanted to sniff everything though, especially all the chairs.  They must be Some Chairs!  We got our photo taken since they are going to make a promo poster to hang up in the library so that people know of the new night and new therapy dog.   Susan, the director of children's services, will not be there on Tuesday night and told me that the first couple times may not have as many people - since they are used to coming on a Monday night.  I felt bad again but she told me that it could be a good thing, since there is already a lot going on on Mondays at the library.  

So, Perri has her first job!  I am very excited for her!  Our first night "on the job" is January 14th, and we will do this one time per month.  I would like to line up some other therapy visits for Perri also.  I plan on visiting the rehab unit in my hospital sometime this week to see if they are still interested in having her do a weekly or bi weekly visit.  

Perri was focused on Bil Jacs and her dumbbell here, but...cute!!

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