Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Perri's Reading Therapy Debut!

Perri had her debut as the library's new reading therapy dog tonight!  She did absolutely splendid.  She was calm and polite.  She laid down and often watched the children's faces while they read books to her.  She spent at least half of her time completely at ease, belly up in the air while being petted by kids.  

Nine children read to Perri tonight (either that or "Perri" read books to the children.), and plenty more came over to pet her.  A few adults were very interested in her and complimented her beauty and good behavior.  I was very proud of how relaxed Perri was tonight.  She alarm barked a small bark one time but refocused back on me and did not do it again for the rest of the night.  One little girl brought over a book that squeaks when you press it, just like a squeaky toy!  Perri was absolutely fascinated!

We will visit the library one time per month, I look forwards to returning!  I was so nervous about tonight, about doing things right and being inviting to the children.  I shouldn't have worried.  We had a blast.  My poodle and books and children who love both of those things?  What's not to enjoy?

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