Sunday, January 5, 2014

Poodle Leg Warmers v1.0

I love that poodle hair does not shed, but poodle hair forces payment for this convenience.  The grooming is obvious.  Another area where you pay for not having to run your vacuum constantly is during the snow.  The snow absolutely clings to poodle hair desperately, it is like a magnetic force.  In a three minute potty break Perri will already have the beginnings of rock hard snow balls in her paw pads and real life snow boots clinging up her legs.  And that really hurts her!  It is constant pulling on her hair while all she wants to do is have a good time.

The photo on the left shows Perri with about half the length of hair that she has now (last year).  This is after a few hours of hiking.  The photo cannot do justice to how hard that snow was packed on there, and how difficult it was to get off!  I would stop every half mile or so and try my best to pull the snow from her but it was futile.  And it hurt her because of course I was pulling her hair.  In the end, her and Molly devoted twenty minutes on the ride home to licking the snow balls out of Perri's hair and feet.

This year in Pennsylvania winter started off with a bang (where last year we truly had a mild winter.)  Lots of
snow, lots of cold weather.  And every time I let Perri outside she gets snowballed!  I could cut the long hair off her legs, but then she would be without warmth.  Not an option.  I started thinking of getting some leg coverings for her, like people use to protect show dogs' fur.  I have seen people vet wrap the dog's entire legs, or simply put coverings over them.  My friend has a lovely goldendoodle named Wendy, and she has been brainstorming along with me!  She is thinking of nylons, tights or...knee hi socks!  I picked up some socks when I was shopping last night.

Devastating.  Embarrassing.  The other dogs look on in confusion.  They don't even match her coat color!!

The socks did, however, stay on properly for an all-business potty break and cover her legs.  Excellent!  That was last night.  This morning when I let all three dogs out together and Perri started to run...well, the foreleg coverings fell off.  They are currently laying out in the snow.  We need better cling!  Better elastic on the ends!  My next move will be to wrap the ends with vet wrap.  We will see how that works out.  If not, I will possibly try the nylons, they will be a snugger fit than the socks.

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