Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tough Decisions.

Silly Girl.
In April, there is a double Rally-O trial that I instantly locked in on.  It is being held by the Poodle Obedience Training Club of Greater New York.  Obedience and two Rally-O trials are being offered.  Poodles only!

But here's the catch.  Perri is not ready for Rally Advanced.  I am not ready to take Perri into Rally Advanced.  I am not ready to take that leash off and have her float away from me.  Do I think that Perri could qualify?  Yes.  Do I think that she would be working with me even 90% of the time and in a good mental state?  No.  Do I think that she would be able to perform all of the behaviors with total understanding of what they meant?  No.  Do I want to go to this Poodle Exclusive Obedience and Rally event 90+ minutes away from me?  Yes, very much.

A strange thing happened on Monday.  I got an e-mail that informed me that a WCR trial that I had entered Ein (RLVB) and Perri (RL1B) in was cancelled.  Odd.  So odd.  And maybe it's a little woo-woo, but I can't help but wonder if this is a hammer blow to my brain, "Stop entering that poodle in trials until...further notice!"  Is it a sign?  Probably not.  But can I choose to treat it like a sign?  Yes!  I also cannot seem to find the premium for the Awesome Poodle Show anywhere.  Not on the website, not on the trial secretary website.   A sign?

I am still toying with the idea of a Rally Novice entry for Perri in this poodle show.  The AKC rules state that a dog may be shown in RNB until they have received a qualifying score in RA.  So.  Something to think about.  Or, we can just wait for "until further notice".  Whenever that may be.  Next month?  Next year?  Next decade?  Perri gets to decide.

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  1. I vote for entering Rally Novice B.

    One, because I know you want to go to the poodle show, and entering will give you an excuse to go to the poodle show (and doubtlessly buy a denim jacket with a rhinestone poodle on it and a crate pad with more rhinestone poodles and probably a rhinestoned show lead with rhinestone poodles on that, too).

    Two, because you already know Perri can do Novice B and seeing how she does in a month-and-change is, I think, a reasonable checkpoint to see how her confidence is progressing at that point.

    And you don't need a Q because she already has the title so no pressure, really.