Thursday, March 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The Mighty River (May 2009)

I have recently started posting "Throwback Thursday" photos to my Facebook and I am really enjoying it.  I am so fortunate to have years and years of happy memories and beautiful photos to look back on.  I usually click through my Flickr photos until something makes me smile, and I post it.  This was today's choice.

When I lived in Lancaster County, the light of my life was piling dogs into a vehicle and going out for a hike along the Susquehanna: Kelly's Run Trail, Tucquan Glen, the Conestoga Trail, the Mason Dixon Trail above the Holtwood Dam, Otter Creek Campground.  I knew all of the paths well, I walked them many many times.   This particular Jeep Ride was with my dear sister Glenna and her then-fiance Andy (now-husband!) and we were taking the dogs just about the Holtwood Dam for a good swim.  

Ein eternally hates being inside of vehicles.
I rode in the back with the dogs!

Nikki (the lab) died of a sinus tumor a few years ago.  She loved to fetch and swim more than anything in the world!



Ride home, overlooking the "Might River" (as Railroad Earth would say.)

"Sun risin' on the shoulder, won't take much to grow us older, just a little time..."
"ridin' on a backroad dreamin' hear a voice tellin' you you're losin' something dear..."

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