Thursday, August 21, 2014

Swimming Junkies!

The theme of the past two weeks has been swimming.  And lots of it.

Up and down the local highway to the dog training club, Marsh Creek State Park is just a few miles off the beaten track and I have been making stops there on the way home to swim whatever dog that I have with me.

At the reservoir close to home, more swimming.... Miss Intensity wants her ball thrown.

Miss Clown gives her life vest a test drive and yells at Molly

Stubby midget tail though it is, Perri's little twirler can support an amazing arc of water.

The life jacket for Perri is to boost her confidence in the water.  I thought that if she had a little extra help to float, it would make her braver and more willing to go into the "deep end".   And I was right!

Maybe Perri could be posing for a Cabela's catalog?

We had to use a stick for Ein since a certain brindle jerk stole and sunk his ball.

Throw it again throw it again throw it again throw it again again again again again

Brave Little Pudel

And then the next weekend we went to the huge local lake park for.... more swimming!

Pudels can walk on water!

And body slam!

And bite!

And pounce and splash!  Annoying Little Sister Power!

After Monday's agility class again?  More swimmin'!

And then just this Tuesday...

What else could I do when I only had a half day of work but more swimming!

Run to the lake!!

Roll in horse crap!

Aaaaaaaaand SPLASH!!!

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