Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ring Rental Training Day

Since I work a double shift for the holiday tomorrow, I was given today off.  My friend and I rented the local agility building for an hour to work on some things with our four different dogs.

I arrived first and crated my dogs and worked Molly on a sequence that involved a jump and then a fast hard run into the weave poles.  It would require Molly to collect to enter and stay in the weaves properly.  Not an issue!  We did another sequence that included the teeter and a few other jumps to build up her speed and focus on things other than just that weave entry, and then we hit it hard again.  Molly again nailed it and stayed in the poles.  I was very impressed!

When my friend arrived I put Molly in her crate and set jump bars and ran video for her dog Sly.  Molly was chattery in her crate.  When Molly's next turn at training came around, my friend's two dogs were barking and yelling in their crate off and on.  This video below was the very beginning of Molly's ring time after my friend arrived.  I was very surprised at the change in Molly.  The building was the same.  The weave entry was different, yet easier since it was so direct and she was not building up speed.  But the barking of the other two dogs and the slight frustration build from being in her crate watching Sly work had jacked her stress levels up and jolted her focus.  Of course, it was just what Molly and I needed to work through.

Since I just wrote a post (yet to be published) for Team Unruly about the learning value that I pull from taping and watching my training sessions, I am in a mood to post and analyze here this evening.

:03 that required so much less collection and was truly so direct, yet she was very distracted and did not continue in the poles.
:07 this stresses her out, she tries to disengage and sniff.  
:21 I am disappointed in myself for not rewarding her for doing the poles properly
:22 and here I completely turn my back on her and do not support her coming around on my left side.  Lame!
:30 mistakes abound!  I run all the way over to that jump with Molly instead of sending her there like I should have, and that left me no time to set the line to the tire.
:34 and Molly understandably runs right into me.
:50 after setting her up and starting everything over again, I finally give her a reward.  Poor dog, she deserved this!
1:02 Hey look at that, I stay a little further back and send Molly a short distance and get running.  I could have sent her further and trusted her commitment and set the next line sooner, though.
1:06 late front cross but at least I did it.  I have the most difficult time with this.  Would prefer a properly timed cross and less talking!
1:16: another front cross here would have taken that aframe out of Molly's picture...

Molly is such a good girl putting up with my catastrophe of mistakes and lack of reinforcement and continuing to work.  This is why I call her my teacher.

:02 I pull away from the jump too soon, and so does Molly!  Oops!
:10 lumping!  bad! After that backside (still a somewhat shaky behavior for us.) and good weave entry I should have rewarded instead of testing Molly's commitment with that cross.  
:32 yay, molly's toy!
1:06 not sure what on earth I was thinking with my arm out there.  Way too late for Molly to get to that other jump.
1:08 Pretty much everything else happens off frame, since I had the iPad set up on a table.  I loved this weave entry and performance though.

:08 I was thinking, "Great, now all Perri will ever want to do during agility is race around aimlessly."
:13 One thing I wanted to work minimally with Perri today was a start line stay.  More specifically, maintaining connection with me while in the stay and not losing all focus and energy.
:16 I kept it short, awesome!
:19 and then rewarded her and didn't get carried away, great!
:37 yay Perri!  Look at that drive into the weaves.
:43 boo way too late reward
1:02 very good rewarding right away after she re-engaged with me
1:20 not sure why she comes out of the poles here, but it probably has to do with the amount of time I am working her.  Perri is actually really high (for her) and distracted by the barking and it is hard for her to remain focused, so this could be a product of burning out.
1:26 more disengagement, I should have ended her ring time there.
1:40 I rewarded and ended her session, good choice!

:07 I love my two front crosses here
:19 she read my outside hand pointing to that tunnel really well instead of running into me, cool!
:23 Oh boy, getting carried away here...
:31 but she does it!  And I reward her with some tug and wrestling, great!
:46 this looks a little overwhelming but the way Perri comes blasting out of my arms, I know she was loving it!  
:52 Ohhh another late front cross, sigh,  but hey I am trying and only get a slight hesitation from Perri.
:56 The last you see of Perri is her little tail wagging as she descends the Aframe.  Love it.

I have to admit, it was fun to run the more relaxed poodle that cares about me and agility versus the stressed out zoomie poodle!   And it just feels great to go into yet another ring and have 90 percent success with Molly and her weave poles.  My confidence in her performance is blooming with every place that we go and work on this!

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