Monday, February 23, 2015

The Majority Project

I saw something really cool on Facebook and it is called The Majority Project.

The Majority Project is intended to showcase all of the many, many normal people who live with and love pit bull type dogs every single day.  It is intended to showcase that these people are the majority and the bad press is the minority.

I love it.

What am I?  I hate labels.  I have many of them.  How do I define myself?
I am an x-ray technologist.  I am a wife.  A daughter.  A sister.  A hiker.   A dog trainer.  An agility handler.  A reader.  A dreamer.  A corgi owner.  A poodle owner.  A "pit bull" owner.

What is Molly?
A lover.  A licker.  A jerk.  A retriever.  An agility dog.

A pit bull.   A dog.  My dog.  Molly.

Molly isn't headline news, she's just my dog.  And that is the point of the project and I think that is kinda cool.  Recognition for the many many many normal humans who live their lives with Their Dogs.  Without incident.

"I am an Agility Handler.
I am a "pit bull" dog owner.
I am the MAJORITY."