Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy 10th, Mr. Ein!

My best little man turned a whole ten years old yesterday!  I made him a cake using this recipe (and of course including the optional honey.)  The dogs all shared it last night instead of their regular dinner and frozen Kong treats.  It was a lot of food and they do all have soft poops today but I'm sure they would agree...worth it!

During Ein's 9th year I really came to terms with his ageing and this official "decade" birthday fails to make me sad as a result of all the sad I got out of my system in the last year.  Instead I felt celebratory of my boy's mobility and happiness at ten years old.  There are some old dog things about him, but he is not old at all!  We kicked all that old dog stuff's ass during his 9th year, so from here on out Ein gets to be a sassy senior - biting my husband and the girldogs, yelling at everyone, and hoarding Nylabones.   I love him so very, very much.

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