Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summer in September

Slow day at work so I took the day off!   Molly and Perri got to come to the Kruisin Kanines barn for open agility training.  We worked in the dirt ring as well as the outdoor ring.

Weave poles were so-so.  I am training myself as well.  I was a little frenzied to be *encouraging* to my dogs while they were weaving, which meant Too Much Talking.  Both dogs did better when I controlled my speaking and body language.  It may be incredible to anyone reading this that I can't just DO what I am writing, but ... I cannot!  YET.  In the outdoor ring, I must also consider that the weave poles were on a slight incline.  Now that I think about it, the dogs did better weaving downhill versus uphill.  What a surprise!

Major victory of the day: Perri did two different chutes, on two different surfaces with zero hesitation.  I think we may have the Chute Issue kicked in the behind?

We left and went off for some geocaching, hiking and swimming.  I had to stop for a quick "cache and dash" at this restaurant, and pose Molly in front of the sign.  Her nickname is Moo, after all.

After that we stopped at a State Gamelands since there were a good handful of geocaches hidden there.  Unfortunately the gravel road into the gamelands was completely unshaded and there were no paths in the woods.  Molly was certain that I was leading her to death by walking in the boiling heat, and moved as slowly as possible.  We turned around after only two geocaches and decided to head to the local lake state park instead.

We did not stay there long either, I needed to be back home since I went on call for work in the afternoon.  We found a quiet trailhead with easy lake access, and took a short walk on the Quarry Trail before heading home.   The girls were very happy to jump in the cold lake and do some fetching!

It was really hot today but to be honest all I could think of was that I was grateful to be able to enjoy one of the last days of summer weather.  Winter will be here too soon, trapping us indoors and freezing the lakes over.

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