Thursday, June 23, 2016

Kayak Corgi

We got a new toy!   I have always wanted a kayak (most specifically because I want to be able to do paddle-only geocaches.) so when I discovered this kayak that was small enough to fit in my little Honda Fit and very affordable on a sale....I couldn't resist!   She is a Pelican Vortex DLX80 and she is all mine!

I plan to primarily take Ein with me on my paddle adventures - it will be a nice way for us to get out together in nature.   Just like we always did.   But with a lot less physical demand than my preference for five plus mile hikes puts on his hips.  

I need to get a life vest (Ein already has one.), a paddle and a permit for the kayak, but as soon as that is all squared away we will be setting "sail" on our first paddling adventure.   I love summer!

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