Monday, January 16, 2017

Pandora's Box

I had a bonus day off of work, so Perri got to play agility too!   We went up to the local training center for a day of CPE Agility.

Jumpers was first and Perri was flying fast at 5.17 YPS (that's fast for her!), we ran awesome and clean and avoided two tempting off course tunnels!   The last line was three straight jumps.   Perri took the first one and then her focused wavered as she drifted out around the second to last jump toward a ring crew, then back over the final jump before I could stop her.   Oh well!   It was still a lovely run!   And we did a start line sit-stay and Perri remained engaged and released well from that!

Snooker was next and I made a plan involving the same tunnel three times.   Perri was again fast and confident, and flew through the weaves with a great entry and lots of speed and drive!

Colors was next and it was a great run until I decided to over handle Perri.   I thought she might go wide around a curve so I called her in tighter to me....right around the jump and onto the next obstacle for a wrong course.   I have this moment memorialized in video, so I can watch my idiotic fumbling and my poor dog trying to figure out what I am doing.   (I wanted to give her more of a running start back up the Aframe, then remembered the "four paw safety rule", so pulled her back off entirely.)
Really nice weaves again at the end though!   Great dog, shame about the handler!

Fullhouse was a Q and so as of today, Perri has officially met the requirements for Fullhouse for her C-ATCH!

Last was Standard.   Now, all this talk recently how I want Perri to keep her energy through the whole day.   How I've learned to get her revved up and excited.   How we don't do the martingale slip collar anymore so as not to demotivate her.    Well.   I thought she was pretty tired so I really got her fired up, like too much.   I had her on the ground wagging her tail at me and she even rolled belly up and I gave her belly some squeezes which makes her nuts.  I took it too far.  

I did a start line stand-stay.   Should have done a sit-stay, she could have handled it.  She breaks the stay, I'm behind and not supporting the weaves.   I am furious at myself for not doing a front cross after the second jump after the weaves.   I knew I had to.   I always do this.   I watch people just do a hard pull with their shoulders off of wrong course obstacles - and I think I can do that and not a front cross or reverse spin.   It does not work with my dogs!   And so onxe again, even when I had plenty of time to front cross and do the only thing that might have kept Perri off of that A-frame, I chickened out.   Add that to the 2017 "get your sh*t together" list - no more being scared to handle more aggressively!  

Anyway, Perri runs to the bottom of the A-frame like we talked about.   Then she picks up speed and becomes unmoored from Planet Earth.   I've never seen her run the dogwalk so hard, and if she got the contact, it was by a toenail.   She runs her next line truly without awareness of my existence.   After the teeter I don't reverse spin the jump and she nearly goes wide - another moment of cowardice!   From here Perri becomes completely feral and her body is possessed by Molly.   She gets air over the Aframe apex, blows the contact, skips the last jump and runs out of the ring (and as soon as she gets out there hears me say "Oh My." and spins around and comes back to earth.

Wow.   Blowing contacts, leaving the ring.  Tsk, tsk.   Next trial: no revving.   We will see how she looks with just the new collar routine.   Sheesh.   I feel like I opened Pandora's Box!   But I love the attitude, all day long!  Exciting things to look forwards to from Miss Poodle this year.

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