Sunday, February 19, 2017

USDAA Trial of Blah

Perri and I played USDAA Agility today, just two runs.

First was Jumpers and it was absolutely lovely kind of have to do the Number 11 obstacle and well, I just left that out!   Out of the walk through, map reading and course.   Talk about frustrated with myself!

It was a long wait until Starters Standard.   It was an unseasonably warm day, in the 60s so I spent my time working in the ring, or relaxing outside in my chair near my car and reading a book.  

"Old Perri" unfortunately made an appearance for our run and we were 4.29 seconds overtime.   She did the tire, I will give her that!   We had been working on it and it was no issue.   But she immediately disengaged, drifted towards the scribe and timer...had no focus for the weaves, and needed cheerleading for nearly the entire course.   What an awful feeling to end the day on.

Perri's shoulders and elbows stretched well, so I am hoping the cause was not physical.   I have gotten spoiled with no Sad Poodle behavior for a few months but here it was.   My theory: Perri was out in the warm sunny car, sleeping.   I walked the course and since Perri was the first dog, I went right out and got her.   I brought her into the training building and did not even have the chance to do tricks or give treats, we had to go right in the ring.   I think Perri was still half groggy, her eyes may not have even adjusted to the lighting change (it was sunny outside, sunnier than it has been in a while!)   It's a valid theory and I'm sticking with it!  

I kinda sorta really missed having Molly with us today.   It felt weird to leave her at home.  

After the trial Perri and I went for a short hike with much ball retrieve and swimming in Green Lane Lake.   I also got an email that Perri and I have a spot in our first NW1 trial at the end of April - super news!   So the day ended on a great note after all.  

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