Sunday, May 14, 2017

Pro Photos from CRC Agility Trial

A quick post to share my latest crop of beautiful pro photos from Rich Knecht Photography, from last weekend's agility show.   From my very first agility trial where Molly and I did a solid day of NQs, I said "At least she looks good doing it!" when I saw the photographer's beautiful captures of her!

Here is Perri looking gorgeous and determined over the double jump.   I am happy to have a nice photo of her, her last at 24".

And I just adore this one of Molly!   Jumping into a turn, at the take off point and looking like she is having a great time with that smile on her face.  

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  1. The bracelets are so cute on Perri and Molly looks SUPER fun! Ha. I typed "fit" there by my phone corrected it to fun. Which is also true!