Thursday, June 1, 2017

May Bark Boxing

I have indulged in a new guilty pleasure: a Bark Box subscription!   Logically, I know that I could order toys and treats for less money.   Logically, I know Molly is going to destroy all of the toys in two seconds.   But...I always find myself going to the website and getting thisclose to a subscription and finally I just went ahead and subscribed for 6 months!

Ein says: SCORE.

If you're going to flake out of your competition obedience career, at least that "hold" training was good for humiliating photos.

But then you get to play pounce games with your "peas". (BarkBox sent a "three peas in a pod" toy and Perri just loves tiny little toys.)

Molly wasn't allowed to have the Peas since she is a brute, so she busied herself rolling in death earthworms. 

Perri wasn't allowed to roll in dead earthworms since she was just groomed for this weekend's agility trials, so she returned to the Peas.

We all envy what we cannot have!

Whoah, wait....Molly gets the Tea Pot??

Ah well, I've got the PEA.

Then we opened up one of the two bags of included treats for funny "catching treats in middair photos."

Professional #1:

Professional #2:

And....our "A for Effort":

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