Friday, August 25, 2017

Performance Speed Jumping

Molly and I had our very first attempt at a USDAA tournament class tonight, Performance Speed Jumping! (Steeplechase for all the "Regular" height dogs.)

I wish I had a video since this post won't be very long!    Steeplechase is a tournament class focused on speed and extension.   There is no Dog Walk, Teeter or Table and the courses should be "flowy" but with challenges.   There will either be two Aframe performances or two Weave poles performances.  We NQd royally when Molly took a bonus tunnel after the fourth obstacle as I knew she would.   Jump, Aframe, left 90 degree turn to a jump, and a jump........with a tunnel basically a stride away.  What naughty pitbull could resist?  Still, we had fun and I enjoy the energy that comes with the tournament classes! (not quite the price tag, entry is nearly double the price of a regular entry.)

Molly enjoys a good roll in the grass afterwards!

The big deal about tonight is that our judge was a CMJ ("Certified Measuring Judge") and we need a third CMJ measurement for Molly's height challenge process.   Tonights' measurement was "20 3/4" and that gives us three unanimous CMJ measurements putting Molly into the 22"Regular/16"Performance category.   I have emailed USDAA and will mail in all of our information and pending paperwork or any other things I need to do, my girl is dropping down to 16" Performance!   This is very exciting since Molly will be able to continue to play in USDAA for a good long time at 16".   She was still truly gorgeous at 20" tonight and fast as ever, but she is 8 years old and I still worry about her paw and I want to have the option of jumping her lower.   I don't ever want to embarrass my girl in the ring or to have her struggling.

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