Saturday, March 17, 2018

March CPE Agility

Day one of agility fun weekend! Today was for CPE agility, first trial of the year back at our favorite trial site....Flexible Flyers on the dirt! (Bonus that one of my favorite judges was judging this weekend!)

It was originally going to be an Ein only day: Jackpot, Snooker and Wildcard. When I saw the map for the non traditional Jackpot, it contained three gambles that I knew Ein was not capable of. One contained the Aframe, and Ein has been clear that he does not want to do the Aframe. One contained weaves and Ein does not weave. One had a serpentine but I felt that it was very likely Ein would be able to push out past the plane of the second jump. I made the decision to scratch him. He might have been able to do it, but I did not feel that he was prepared for that kind of challenge and I did not want to diminish his confidence in the agility ring.

However....after Molly's visit to VOSM I had scratched her runs on this trial day. But mid-week last week I sent a last minute e-mail to the trial secretary asking if I could pretty please re-add in a Jackpot run for Molly. Dropped down to Veteran class, 12". And we were in business! I might have been taking "let her start doing hard exercise in two weeks" too literally but Molly has been stir crazy, I miss my girl in the ring, and Molly has always been a dog happy to bend the rules right along with me. (And hey, we are almost four weeks past that appointment after all.)

And it was glorious. Q number one for the C-ATCH4. Another decision I made for this year was that in CPE, Molly would go back to Level 5 (and out of Level C.) I like having that fault leeway when we're chillin' in CPE. Molly is like the phoenix, once again she rises from the ashes of something that could take her down and out and she is back in the ring by my side, lips flying. If today's run was her last ever, it was a perfect one.

It was a long wait until Ein's Snooker Level 1 run and I was really happy with him! Some reluctance on the tunnels and a judge check-out but overall a really great run for Einey! Wildcard was a bit naughty, literally running behind me to do the wrong entrance of the tunnel, I was shocked! I had Ein on my right side and I usually have to do room service to get Ein to go into a tunnel. For some reason Ein stopped in mid run, cut straight behind my back and took the wrong side of the tunnel. !!!! I would admit if my handling was to blame, I am always happy to do so! He also ran around the last jump which is not unusual for him when he is feeling insecure. In any case, it was overall a nice run for Ein and a great day! Here is Ein's Snooker run:

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