Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rally-O Open Jym!

A stroll at Peace Valley Park - clearly photos are boring.

After our walk/GeocacheHunting we headed to the main event - an "Open Jym" for Rally-O at the K9 Jym!  The Jym sets up a rally-o course (with signs of Levels 1-3) and you are able to take your dog in and walk the course.

This was especially helpful for me because next weekend, Ein has his first Level 2 trial.  We have never trialed without a leash, and since Ein gets nervous for all sorts of reasons, it was a question mark in my head whether he would actually...walk...without his leash on.

He did great!  I feel a lot more confident going into next week's trial after our "test drive".  There were some signs that were too advanced for our level (Level 3 signs!) like,
"Moving Stand Walk Around"
I thought for sure that Ein would sit if I told him to Stay and kept walking, but he actually did well with this!  
"Turn and Down, Sit, Call, Finish"
*following me leaving Ein in a standing position.  This one's gonna need some work.  Ein does not care to Down on good terms, let alone some distance from me.  Good thing that LV3 is in our future and not present!
"Moving Backup Heel Back 3 Steps Then Forward"
Not a chance.  I have not taught Ein to walk backwards yet.  

All in all, though, very beneficial.  There was an agility class/open jym being held in the literal next ring.  It was noisy, loud, concerning to Ein, but he worked through all that and gave me his best.  I came out of it knowing that my dog will walk without his leash in a distracting environment, and that we need to work on our Downs of all kinds.

Looking forwards to next week's Rally-O trial!

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